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The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
From the creators of The Other Mozart.
World Premiere in just two weeks at Morris Museum! Learn more below.
Magdalene: Utterance of my name
The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
Old friends are the best friends!
Reunited after decades! Seeing her perform on stage was one of the most amazing treats. She’s truly a spectacular actress!
Thank you @danielagallioficial for your friendship, and your talent!
If you’re in an area where @theothermozart is being performed, don’t miss the opportunity to go see it! You’ll connect with a story that will bring you to understand as much of history as it will bring you to understand yourself.
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The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
This isn’t Nannerl’s first Texas rodeo. She has played:

San Antonio

And now, College Station! 🎉

Join us tomorrow night at OPAS for THE OTHER MOZART, the forgotten story of the true original prodigy, Nannerl Mozart.

Daniela Galli Sylvia Milo Nathan Davis - composer | percussionist

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The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart is with Daniela Galli.
The Other Mozart opens the OPAS Intimate Gatherings series this Thursday night ✨ https://www.opastickets.org/opas-opens-2022-2023-intimate-gatherings-series-with-the-other-mozart/

Featuring Daniela Galli as Nannerl, Wolfgang’s sister ☕️🥄🎶
Sylvia Milo’s award-winning piece tells of Nannerl Mozart, a prodigy keyboard virtuoso and composer, who performed throughout Europe with her brother to equal acclaim. But her work and her story faded away, lost to history. Described by The New York Times as “strikingly beautiful,” the one-woman drama is set in and on a magnificent 18-foot dress, created to fill and spill over the entire stage. THE OTHER MOZART is based on facts, stories and lines pulled directly from the Mozart family’s humorous and heartbreaking letters.
The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart is attending an event.
Nannerl getting ready ☁️Coming soon to Texas!
October 13 ➡️ OPAS
More info at https://www.opastickets.org/the-other-mozart/

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