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The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
In several cities in the UK, Netflix has been placing statues of brilliant sisters of famous men, next to the men's statues.
Including Nannerl!

"She was lauded as one of the most skilful players in Europe – and even, playwright Sylvia Milo argues, the more talented sibling."

Sylvia Milo never actually argued that, but it is nice to be mentioned!

(I guess the generic look for each one was a choice, but the hair?)

The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart is with Sylvia Milo.
Nannerl (Maria Anna Walburga Ignatia) Mozart was born on July 30/31, 1751 at midnight.

We've shared her story over 300 times with audiences across the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Here is Nannerl on tour as a little child prodigy and at home as a woman who wasn't allowed to display herself in such a manner.
And photos of The Other Mozart's Nannerls waiting to get back on tour again:
Sofi Lambert (US and Canada), Anja Bourdais (Germany, Austria), Daniela Galli (Brazil), Paulie Rojas (US) and Sylvia Milo (anywhere).


The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
There were once two Mozarts - Wolfi and Nannerl - performing together as child prodigies, touring across Europe.
Here is Nannerl at age 11, after performing in Vienna in front of the Empress Maria Teresa, wearing a dress of young Marie Antoinette, gifted to her by the Empress.

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The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
Congratulations to Anja Bourdais Official on her first pre-premiere showing of The Other Mozart (in German) in Berlin!

More to come soon!

The Other Mozart
The Other Mozart
Tomorrow, Mon, at 2:30 - last show of our NYC APAP run of
The Other Mozart!
Performed by Sylvia Milo at The Players Theatre

Use code TRAZOM
Student tix $15 at the door